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Economic recovery and tourism strengthening in Cancun and Quintana Roo

Recent statistics show that international travel to Cancun has experienced a recovery. And for 2023, the expected number of travelers is expected to increase.


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Economic recovery and tourism strengthening in Cancun and Quintana Roo 

Although COVID-19 challenged the tourism industry, the State of Quintana Roo and the city of Cancun have caught the eye of the world once again
Cancun, Quintana Roo.- Airportcancun.com announced today that in 2022, Cancun International Airport received 19 million passengers and moved over 30 million people. Compared to the year prior (2021), there was a 21% growth in total passengers. 
That year, the Cancun International Airport held 15 million passengers. 

Infographic with information about Quinana Roo

This milestone is a significant move for Cancun International Airport on its mission to recover from the Covid-19 crisis that started in 2020. Moreover, this is an excellent step towards returning more potent than ever as one of the most visited destinations in the world. 
With these latest numbers, the public and private sectors expect the tourism industry and economic growth to increase over 2023.
This latest expectation is partially based on Cancun International Airport's high demand during the first month of the year. In January, the Airport registered that almost four million people (3.7 million) landed at the Cancun International Airport. 
Compared with December 2021, when only 3.2 million people landed on the southeast coast of the Mexican Caribbean, there was a growth in visitors and travelers coming to Cancún.
December 2022 had similar numbers as January 2023; in the last month of the latest year, 3.8 million people landed at the Cancun International Airport. 
These statistics show that the world is trying to leave behind the quarantine era and is still fighting the social consequences left by COVID-19.
It also reflects the society and international community's need to explore the wonders Quintana Roo has to offer. 
Also, we would like to highlight that in 2022 the tourist arrivals from the United States of America surpassed the one from 2019 (pre-pandemic time) for the January-December period. 
In 2019 the Cancun International Airport registered that 3.8 million travelers from the United States used the airport, whereas in 2022, 5.4 million people landed on the southeast coast of Mexico. 
This makes clear that although we had a big challenge as a society, the Cancun International Airport and the tourism industry are back on track. 

Infographic that shows statistics of Cancun Airport

A study recently revealed the revenue generated thanks to all the travelers that came to Cancun, and the results showcase a significant change from the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.
Just in 2021, the tourism revenue made 10,806.67 million dollars. In 2020, the revenue generated was about 6,902.72 million dollars. This means that the economic growth in Cancun and Quintana Roo is far from its ceiling. 
Also, these recent revenue numbers prove that the tourism industry and the Cancun International Airport can handle significant challenges; it doesn't matter if those came by surprise. 

Bar graph showing statistics of USA passengers to Cancun

The significant changes COVID-19 made to the operations

Since the arrival of the viral disease in 2020, it was clear that humanity had to work together to get over one of the biggest crises of the last decades. Millions of workers were affected, like the ones from the tourism and aviation industry. 
Although COVID-19 made massive changes in the life and dynamic of the population, society, the government, and businesses worked together to get on with the operations that support the life of millions of workers. 
And at Cancun Airport, we are proud to say we were part of that outstanding effort. 
Since the pandemic began, the Cancun International Airport has implemented the necessary measures to protect the life of the working staff and travelers, both domestic and international. 
We followed the regulations made by the local and federal governments of the Mexican United States (Mexico), and we also implemented the suggestions made by international health organizations and airport authorities worldwide.  

Passengers at the airport following security measures
Passengers at the airport following security measures
After almost three years, we can proudly say that the regulations to control the spreading of COVID-19 were ultimately successful.
Protecting the staff with face masks, using a special thermometer that evaluates each traveler coming to Cancun, and making tests to possible infected tourists, resulted in the huge visitor numbers we have today. 
This is a second breath for the tourism, hospitality, and aviation industry, and all of these wouldn't have been possible without all the staff members from all the Airports across Mexico and the world and, of course, the passengers. 
From Cancun Airport, we want to thank you all for cooperating during these challenging times. We couldn't have done it without you.
We also call all travelers to keep following each Airport and airline's regulations. You will be informed when there is a change in the security and health control of the Airports. 
The baggage carousel at Cancun Airport
The baggage carousel at Cancun Airport
Today, the Cancun International Airport keeps the regulations established in 2020, like using facemasks and a negative COVID-19 test (if you are traveling to certain locations). 
Those are required by law. 
We also suggest that travelers keep their social distance, washing their hands constantly or using hand sanitizer. 

Information about transportation at the Cancun International Airport

At the Cancun International Airport, we emphasize that we followed the regulations and norms made by the Mexican Government Authorities.
We want all travelers at the Cancun International Airport to know that only a few companies are authorized to provide transportation services inside and nearby the Airport.
We also want the public to know that the mobile-app-based services that offer transportation like Uber, Lyft, DiDi, and any that can fall into this category are prohibited and can't operate in the Cancun Airport area.
A few companies are allowed to operate and give transportation services to the travelers of the Cancun International Airport. We emphasize to the upcoming travelers that if they need transportation services, they must look for them inside the airport facilities.
Staff of various transportation companiesStaff of various transportation companies
Although a local court recently determined that an app-based transportation service is allowed to operate in the Quintana Roo state, we highlight that it doesn't have permission to work in the Cancun International Airport since it's a federal zone. 
We also want to call all the people who just want to drop off their family or friends at the Cancun Airport to use the parking lots, since it is strictly prohibited to park in front of any of the Airport's four terminals. 
The Airport facilities are constantly looked over by the Mexican National Guard and the Mexican Marine corps, and we want the users to follow their instructions.
The Cancun International Airport also has private security that should be respected constantly. 
Transportation companies can get you anywhere in the hotel zoneTransportation companies can get you anywhere in the hotel zone
At the Cancun International Airport, we want to emphasize that transportation services are available for any user or traveler needing a fast, effective, and safe journey to the hotel zone or wherever they are staying in Cancun.
For the Cancun International Airport, the priority is the traveler's security. That's why we offer multiple transportation options, so you can enjoy your trip to Cancun. 
If you require transport straight to a specific location or hotel, private transfers and shared shuttles are good options. The companies that offer these services have multiple routes to the hotel zone, and anywhere you need to go 24/7.
In many cases, the companies offer different kinds of vehicles in case the traveler wants to go on a van, a bus, or even a luxury vehicle.
If you are staying for a long trip and want freedom, we suggest you rent a car from the many car rental companies we have inside the Cancun Airport. This will provide the privacy you and your friends or family need for your visit.
Also, the transportation companies will guide you on the Mexican laws and legislation regarding private vehicles. This is particularly important because in 2019, the Mexican federal government passed a law that forces every car to have insurance, at least liability coverage. 
This way, both parties affected by any incident can be protected and have their damages covered. 
To know more about the statistics of the Cancun International Airport or Quintana Roo's economic situation, visit the official Mexican government websites or the official Cancun airport website. 
About airportcancun.com: the Cancun international airport website will share any news to inform travelers. We will also share significant topics that users must know before visiting Cancun and Mexico.