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Currency Exchange

The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso, but the American Dollar is also accepted in some tourist destinations like Cancún and the Riviera Maya. Before your trip, it is important to check out the actual currency exchange rate to not have unpleasant surprises. Here you can find a table with the current value of the dollar in relation to the Mexican Pesos and other currencies.


US dollar Exchange Rates 1 USD =
Euro 0.928877
Mexican Peso 18.437666666666658
Argentine Peso 205.69532733705583
Brazilian Real 5.246446657703724
Canadian Dollar 1.3766033333333334
Chilean Peso 810.4999999999943
Colombian Peso 4742.027887666667
Hong Kong Dollar 7.849826666666665
North Korean Won 899.968
New Zealand Dollar 1.6120746666666665
Russian Ruble 77.28000133333336
Bitcoin 0.0000363676632558

Rates 26 Mar 2023

The best tips for money exchange in Cancun

One of the main concerns of travelers is to get the most favorable rate possible for their money. Some prefer to exchange money in their homeland and others prefer to do it directly in Cancun. Sometimes the best option will depend on the time of your stay or how comfortable you feel traveling with a great amount of money. The major currencies tend to move +/- 1% in a given day, which is not a great move. Here we give some tips that can help you on your next visit.

Money Exchange

Exchange money at home

You can change money on your home bank for your next trip, and besides, give you good rates, you won’t’ stress looking for exchange houses at your arrival. Even though it is an excellent option it can be risk travel with a great amount of money in cash. It is recommended only to change enough to cover travel and transportation costs for at least three days at your destination and then look for the best money exchange rate in the city.

Currency Exchange

ATMs in Cancun Airport

If you don’t want to travel with a huge amount of cash and receive a reasonable exchange rate, this is the best option. You can easily find an ATM machine on the street or in supermarkets in Cancun, so this won’t be a problem. It is recommended to notify your bank before your travel since some banks are subject to a fee to use them or may freeze your card if you have transactions abroad.

Currency Exchange

Use your Credit Cards

Most of the stores, hotels, and restaurants in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera accept credit and debit cards as a method of payment. Visa, Master Card, and American Express are the most usual, but you must ask first to the store in case you have a different one. Besides receiving a better exchange you can also track all your transactions.

Currency Exchange

Change money at Hotels and Airports

The first option you will have to exchange money is the International Airport of Cancun but even when you can find a great exchange rate beware of high transaction charges. You can obtain better local currency outside the airport and your hotel so just exchange money there unless you have no other choice.

Currency Exchange

Exchange money in local banks

The rates given at local banks are a convenient option for changing money, but most of the time determined by supply and demand. The banks will change only a limited amount of money per day and month per persona. To do the transaction you must show your passport.

Currency Exchange

Banks operating in Cancun Airport

Banamex, HSBC, BBVA, Santander, Scotiabank, and Banorte are the most popular banks operating in Mexico, and it is very easy to locate them along with the city.

Currency Exchange

Exchange Houses

Even though they can be tough to find, you can ask the locals for the best exchange house and then go straight away. Exchange houses do not have fees but can have a limited amount to exchange.

Currency Exchange

Do not bring foreign coins to Mexico

Coins are not accepted as a method of payment or exchanged in the bank or exchange houses, so before tip take that into consideration.

Currency Exchange