Cancun Airport / Parking

Cancun Airport


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    Security 24 hours
    Service every day all year

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    An affordable option
    Prices per hour and per day

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    Parking lots in each terminal
    Easy as that, takes just a few minutes


Find the best Cancun Airport Parking

Cancun is a very popular vacation destination and to save a lot of time and money the Cancun Airport parking is a great and affordable option.

The parking lot is in front of each terminal with security 24/7, and you don’t have to use shuttles to and from the parking structures. The rates are for hours or per day in case you need parking for more than 6 hours. The prices are $36 MXN per hour and $215 MXN per day. You can pay for the ticket at the ATMs located inside each terminal.

The Cancun Airport parking is a great option for extended stays or for picking up and dropping off passengers.

Prices are in MXN and may vary*
Parking rates (These rates include VAT) Prices
First Hour $36.00
Fraction (every 20 minutes after the first hour) $12.00
24 Hrs/Day $215.00
Lost ticket reprint $215.00
Exclusive Airport Community
Commercial Pension $800.00
Airline Pension $1,050.00