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Cancun Airport Flight Monitoring Information

The Cancun International Airport has the second-largest tourist flow, of course, after the metropolitan capital of Mexico City. 

If you want to monitor your flight to or from Cancun Airport. We recommend you visit our site or book with us. This way, you will have access to our customer service, which includes flight monitoring and will give you the necessary information about the real-time status of your flight.

Flight Monitoring Benefits:

One of the advantages you will have when consulting the status of your flight is that you will know the exact time it will arrive or leave the city. This will let you know how long you will wait at the airport or when your transportation service will arrive.

When should I check in for my departure flight?

The time allowed to check in for your flights will depend on the airline you bought your flight.

However, you should check directly on the agency's website; this allows you to check in on time. Generally, a domestic flight arrives at least 2 hours in advance. For international or domestic flights, the arrival time at the airport should be no less than 3 or 4 hours to complete the corresponding procedures and processes.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to make your check-in online, we recommend you arrive in time for the documentation of your luggage and your check-in at the counter.

Frequently Asked Questions about flight monitoring at Cancun Airport

How busy is the Cancun International Airport?

Cancun airport is busy most of the year. Therefore, arriving in advance at the airport is recommended to carry out any documentation or procedure.

How long does it take to get through customs at Cancun Airport?

Generally, customs clearance will take up to 10 minutes from the time you arrive, although on many occasions or holiday seasons, the wait can be up to 3 hours.

Can you fast-track through Cancun Airport?

Upon arrival in Cancun, you can go through the fast track or expedited entry through immigration or customs. For your departure, you can go through check-in.

How busy is Cancun Airport?

Cancun airport is the tenth-busiest airport in the world, with approximately 20 European cities and up to 40 U.S. cities. More than 45 flights are operated simultaneously per hour.

Do you go through customs when leaving Cancun?

Yes, a Mexican immigration declaration form and one more by customs are required per person.