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Cancun Airport Transportation to Olas Tulum Hotel

Cancun Airport Transportation to Hotel Olas Tulum is about 2:00 hrs in a private service. Book now your Cancun Airport Transfers to Olas Tulum and save up to 35%!


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Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum

Olas Tulum, located 129 km from Cancun International Airport, is best accessed through our private transfer. Ensure a safe and economical trip to Olas Tulum by booking now. Stroll along a trail to find quiet, relaxing nooks and crannies, head to the rooftop to sit above the trees. Whether you are a large group renting the entire property or a guest staying with us for a week, these spaces were designed to give you a place to reconnect. For transportation to Olas Tulum, choose our service.

Transportation from Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum Hotel

Private Transportation from Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum

Schedule and Information

Type of service

Airport to Hotel

Departure location

Cancun Airport

Arrival location

Olas Tulum


Tulum Hotel Zone

Transportation Time

2:00 hrs approx.

Service Schedule

24h (by pre-booking)


from 140 USD

Company in charge



Las Tulum Hotel

Over the course of a decade, this place has remained private, operating with distinction as an exclusive boutique hotel. Hotel Olas in Tulum invites you to step into its unique atmosphere, where the limited suites offer breathtaking ocean views and are decorated with a touch of elegance and contemporary furnishings. The oceanfront master suite stands out for its spaciousness, equipped with two luxurious king-size beds, a dining table for six and a spacious outdoor terrace with comfortable loungers and hammocks.

The culinary experience is distinguished by its focus on authentic Yucatecan recipes, carefully prepared from organic ingredients. Each reservation includes a generous complimentary breakfast, where organic coffee, carefully prepared in a French press, adds a special touch.

The property has been conceived with an outstanding commitment to sustainability: lush coconut trees provide shade, curved walls promote natural air circulation for a cooling effect, and pure underwater currents gravity-feed the hotel's toilets and showers. Immerse yourself in this memorable and unforgettable experience.

Transportation from Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum


How far is Olas Tulum Hotel from the Cancun Airport

The distance from Cancun Airport to the Olas Tulum is approximately 129 kilometers. Travel time by car or bus is usually 2 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

Private Transportation from Cancun Airport to the Olas Hotel Tulum


Pax (Up to)

Price (From)

Cancun Airport Private Transportation

Max 8 pax

140 USD

Cancun Airport Luxury Transportation

Max 5 pax

350 USD

Cancun Airport Taxi

Max 3 pax

160 USD

Cancun Airport Group Transportation

Max 15 pax

350 USD

The best option to get from Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum is through a Private Transportation Service.

Transportation from Cancun Airport to Olas Tulum Hotel

This option offers convenience, comfort, and reliability for your trip to the hotel. Private airport transfers provide a dedicated vehicle exclusively for you and your group, ensuring a personalized experience. 

They are usually equipped with air conditioning and professional drivers familiar with the area. Arranged shuttle services are shared rides with other travelers but offer a convenient and efficient way to get to the hotel. 

This option can be booked in advance through several trusted transportation providers, allowing you to start your vacation smoothly and with peace of mind. With Cancun Airport, you can book transportation from the airport to the Olas Hotel.