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2023 Guide to Playa del Carmen Resorts: The Best Hotels & Resorts

Looking for the ultimate Playa del Carmen getaway? Check out Our 2023 guide of the finest hotels & resorts in Playa del Carmen, offering breathtaking views, world-class amenities, and unforgettable experiences.


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Playa del Carmen in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is ideal for your holiday escape. Boasting stunning turquoise waters, powdery white sand beaches, and lush sunshine. With many luxurious resorts to choose from catering to any traveler, Playa del Carmen provides the perfect vacation experience. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure – let us guide you toward finding your dream getaway in this paradise resort destination!

Short Summary

Top Playa del Carmen Resorts for Every Traveler

If you are looking for a holiday destination, Playa del Carmen has plenty of great resorts to offer. From family-friendly holidays where kids and parents can both enjoy themselves. Romantic getaways are perfect for couples wanting some peace and quiet alone, or luxury vacations if you want to spoil yourself in style, the best resorts in this popular Caribbean spot have something suitable for everyone.

For those traveling with their families, there are an abundance of activities they can all participate in. Whether exploring nearby attractions or spending time at one of the many beaches, your children will not be disappointed here! For couples seeking a tranquil escape away from reality, check out some of the more intimate retreats found around Del Carmen which provide total privacy along with unparalleled amenities like fine dining options and personal spa treatments steps away from pristine waterside views.

Finally, when deciding upon staying anywhere within Playa del Carmen remember whatever type of traveler you may be there’s always accommodation perfectly catered towards them. So why wait? Discover these luxurious escapes today by searching through our extensive list showcasing only the very best so as to make sure your stay is enjoyable.

Family-Friendly Resorts

If you’re searching for resorts in Playa del Carmen that provide a great family vacation, look no further than Hotel Xcaret and Panama Jacks Resort. Both destinations offer extensive amenities as well as activities to keep the whole family entertained. From waterparks and children’s clubs to roomy accommodations paired with delicious dining options, these incredible hotels guarantee your getaway will be an enjoyable one.

For example, take into consideration Hotel Xcaret Mexico which is surrounded by lush jungle foliage – including five unique casas or mini-hotels all within walking distance of the resort’s exciting attractions such as private beach areas, outdoor swimming pools and tennis courts! The brilliant thing about booking this location is that prices include access to each eco theme park plus transportation costs are also covered along with meals too! Alternatively, if looking for something more exclusive, then Casa Fuego at Hotel Xcaret provides adult only accommodation featuring luxurious perks like personal gyms followed by its own restaurant complete with rooftop infinity pool so guests can gaze out over beautiful surroundings from on high.

Rent a car in Playa del Carmen

Romantic Getaways

If you’re dreaming of a romantic escape, Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination for couples seeking an intimate and luxurious experience. Accommodations such as Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun and Paradisus La Perla offer world-class amenities that are sure to make your getaway one to remember.

At Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera, guests will find all the conveniences they need including free private parking, fitness center access, terrace views and garden areas for relaxing strolls by day or night. This beach resort offers outstanding oceanfront panoramas. Ideal for honeymooners celebrating special occasions too!

Meanwhile, at Paradisus La Perla, lovers can visit YHI Spa—an absolute haven when it comes to relaxation—and enjoy some quality time together in comfort with amazing facilities on hand like none other in Playa Del Carmen’s most exclusive hotel chain so be sure not miss out!

Luxury Escapes

For those in search of a luxurious vacation, Playa del Carmen offers some of the finest and most exclusive resorts, Rosewood Mayakoba and Grand Velas Riviera Maya. These luxury retreats provide lavish accommodations, amazing cuisine experiences along with tranquil surroundings ensuring an ultimate indulgent holiday experience.

Rosewood’s splendid features include outdoor pools for all guests to enjoy alongside their own private terraces that overlook lush mangroves as well as access to its personal beachfront area. Dining at this particular resort is definitely something one can look forward to too – from casual meal times on the sand to extravagant dinners served up at their signature restaurant!

Finally there’s Grand Velas located right by the wonderful shoreline featuring expansive suites ideal for any high-end visitor who wants top notch dining options combined with warm hospitality services which guarantee pampering pleasure during your stay here no matter what you choose!

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Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Playa del Carmen

If you’re looking for an effortless vacation experience, check out all inclusive resorts in Playa del Carmen. With dining options, activities and amenities included under one roof, these destinations give visitors the opportunity to relax without worrying about additional costs.

To make sure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, we have compiled a list of the best All Inclusive Resorts located around Playa del Carmen that can suit any preference from family-friendly venues up to adults only paradises.

1. Iberostar Tucan

Nestled right on a private beach, Iberostar Tucan is an all-inclusive resort designed to provide fun and entertainment for the entire family. With its lush gardens surrounding it, this paradise has something in store that everyone will enjoy including amenities like spa services, swimming pools with tennis courts nearby as well as various water sports activities.

To make sure no one gets bored during their stay here, there are kids clubs open daily and nightly performances which cater to both younger guests and adults alike making sure your time at this inclusive resort won’t be forgotten easily! For those who need some exercise then you have access not only to pool areas but also our fitness centre too so don’t miss out on trying out any of these excellent options available throughout your vacation!

2. Platinum Yucatan Princess

Platinum Yucatan Princess, an all-inclusive accommodation for adults only, combines luxurious amenities with multiple culinary choices and a beautiful location right on the beach. With 12 pools, 6 eateries and 8 bars at your disposal, you will never be short of ways to spend time during your stay!

Situated just 38 minutes away from Cancun International Airport (49.3 km/ 30.566 mi), this resort makes travel easy, perfect if you are looking for romance or a fun holiday experience with friends as Platinum Yucatan Princess has everything taken care of!

3. Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya

Families who are searching for a comprehensive resort with lots of activities and entertainment possibilities should definitely explore Dreams Aventuras Riviera Maya. This all-inclusive family friendly spot provides an amazing water park, kids club, spa facilities as well as stunning ocean views to guarantee everyone enjoys their holiday.

Enjoying food is not going to be any problem since there is plenty of variety from the buffet options or à la carte restaurants right down to snack bars meaning hunger won’t ever set in at this particular venue! Guests can choose between loads of daily recreation including beach yoga sessions and aqua aerobics – making sure no one will get bored during their stay here.

4. Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera

Couples looking for the ultimate romantic all-inclusive experience need not look Than Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera. This adults-only resort is just what you’re seeking: luxurious rooms boasting balconies overlooking stunning ocean views, as well as 13 outdoor pools, 7 restaurants and a coffee shop, plus a private white sand beach!

If that isn’t enough to spoil yourself in complete relaxation on your getaway, you’ll find an array of rejuvenating treatments available at their world class spa. Enjoy everything this adult’s only resort has to offer - pampering included with its high end amenities. Promises great memories await every guest at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera!

5. Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique

For an exclusive all-inclusive escape, Grand Hyatt Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique is the perfect pick. This resort for adults only provides a tranquil ambiance and top notch service to ensure guests have a very special stay. Guests will also enjoy personalized cuisine experiences as well as access to their own private beach on the Caribbean Sea plus fitness center, spa services and various restaurants & bars!

Situated in lush tropical scenery close by the ocean’s edge, this grand hotel boasts luxurious amenities that make it one of the best luxury hotels available today for those who want something truly extraordinary during their holiday time away from home. With opulent accommodations combined with outstanding service at such an amazing destination, Grand Hyatt offers everything needed for a five star vacation experience including premium dining choices.

6. Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Indulge in an unforgettable experience at Grand Velas Riviera Maya, one of Playa del Carmen’s leading all-inclusive resorts. You’ll enjoy chic accommodation and fine dining options against a stunning beach backdrop. Relax around the three pools or take on El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course and Gran Coyote for some golfing action - you won’t want to miss out! All inclusive luxury awaits with this must-visit Riviera Maya resort, perfect for anyone wanting an indulgent vacation spot away from home.

7. The Reef 28

Located in the vibrant heart of Playa del Carmen, The Reef 28 provides couples and friends an adult-only all inclusive vacation experience. With a convenient location just steps away from 5th Avenue’s shopping and nightlife, guests can relax by the rooftop pool or work out at their fitness center while enjoying activities like spa treatments tailored specifically for them. Here you’ll find everything needed to enjoy your stay with its central location allowing easy access to explore nearby attractions!

8. Rosewood Mayakoba

Located in Playa del Carmen and enveloped by a mangrove forest, Rosewood Mayakoba is an all-inclusive luxury experience. Visitors can bask at the stunning beach or lounge on their private terrace with access to large outdoor pools as well as beauty services from the spa.

For those looking for culinary pleasures, there are numerous dining opportunities ranging from beachside fare to gourmet creations prepared only at the resort’s signature restaurant – allowing guests of this paradise destination enjoy fine delicacies that match its idyllic atmosphere.

9. Palafitos Overwater Bungalow at el Dorado Maroma

At El Dorado Maroma, Palafitos Overwater Bungalow is the perfect spot for a truly all-inclusive experience that you won’t soon forget. Guests can take advantage of exclusive features like private plunge pools with glass bottoms and butler service to make your stay even more luxurious. The resort also provides guests access to their own secluded beach as well as fitness center, spa facilities, and multiple restaurants and bars so they don’t have to go far for an extraordinary time away from home. Come enjoy complete indulgence in tranquillity at Palafitos Overwater Bungalows for an unforgettable getaway!

10. Wyndham Alltra Playa del Carmen

Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen and close to many dining and shopping options, the Wyndham Alltra is an ideal destination for couples or friends wanting a peaceful all-inclusive experience. Private terraces provide comfortable accommodation with access to various beach activities such as volleyball available onsite. The resort also has several restaurants offering diverse menus allowing guests to sample different cuisines during their stay.

This adults only facility offers private spots perfect for relaxing after spending time discovering everything that Playa del Carmen has to offer while having unforgettable memories throughout their vacation!


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Beachfront Bliss: Exceptional Playa del Carmen Beach Hotels

For beach vacationers dreaming of hearing the surf and walking on tranquil, white sand beaches, Playa del Carmen hotels provide the perfect getaway. These remarkable places offer quick access to glorious sea views along with easy proximity to area shorelines.

Let’s take a look at two standout beachfront accommodations in Playa del Carmen, Mahekal Beach Resort and Senses Quinta Avenida Hotel.

Mahekal Beach Resort

Set in downtown Playa del Carmen, Mahekal Beach Resort offers a beachfront paradise with laid-back vibes and numerous dining options. Guests can choose to stay at the resort’s oceanview bungalows or its garden view rooms for their holiday retreat. Visitors will have easy access to nearby attractions, shopping hubs, and local eateries so they never miss out on experiencing all that this stunning location has to offer. For an unforgettable time by the sea without leaving behind town amenities like entertainment spots and grocery stores, then make sure you check into this Caribbean oasis!

Senses Quinta Avenida

Situated on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Senses Quinta Avenida is a modern adults-only hotel that offers stylish and affordable accommodations near 5th Avenue. Ideal for those who want to make their beach vacation memorable, this beachfront hotel features king suites with easy access to beaches and attractions such as dining options plus a rooftop pool.

You will find all you need here at this cheap hotels located close by the sand of playa del Carmen: convenience meets comfort - from state-of-the-art amenities up to premium services sure satisfy even discerning travelers! With unbeatable rates offered too. Guests can explore more places without breaking budgets.

Take your pick among the wide range of impressive facilities available exclusively at Senses Quintade Avenida when searching for luxurious accommodation – perfect place guaranteed relaxation after discovering what wonderful Del Carmen has on offer!

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen offers some fantastic pet-friendly accommodations, so don’t be concerned about taking your furry friend on holiday with you. In this segment, we’ll look into two of the leading hotels that are perfect for pets: Quinta Margarita Boho Chic Hotel and Holiday Inn Express.

If Playa del Carmen is where you’re looking to take a trip along with your animal companion, there’s no shortage of great accommodation options available, from the hospitality at Quartia Margarita Boho Chic hotel to all facilities provided by Holiday Inn Express suitable for both humans and their animals alike!

Quinta Margarita Boho Chic Hotel

Those traveling with their pets can find the perfect home away from home at Quinta Margarita Boho Chic Hotel. Located in Playa del Carmen, this pet-friendly boutique hotel boasts stylish accommodation and convenient amenities like a rooftop pool and terrace, complimentary breakfast, and free WiFi access all for you to enjoy with your furry companion by your side. You’ll be delighted by its central location while being able to relax in the cozy suite together, offering an unforgettable vacation experience!

Holiday Inn Express

For vacationers looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Playa del Carmen, the Holiday Inn Express is an excellent option. It provides all of the modern amenities that guests may expect, such as a fitness center and convenient access to shopping and restaurants. This lodging also offers comfortable rooms which are ideal for travelers accompanied by their four legged friends.

The area’s only pet friendly accommodation located near downtown Playa Del Carmen makes staying at Holiday Inn Express highly desirable. With its varied features, it guarantees both owners and pets an enjoyable stay experience during their visit to this beautiful part of Mexico.

Exploring Riviera Maya: Excursions and Activities Near Playa del Carmen Resorts

Playa del Carmen is well known for its impressive resorts and picturesque beaches, but the nearby Riviera Maya region has much more to offer! It’s a great destination for numerous exciting excursions. Here are some of the best attractions around.

-Discover ancient Mayan sites like Tulum and Chichen Itza;;

-Swim alongside dolphins along with other sea creatures ; Go zip lining among jungle canopies ; . Or consider boat tours up to Cozumel Island. Playa Del Carmen & Playa Del Carmen. The surrounding Riviera Maya offers something fascinating for all sorts of travelers!

Eco Theme Parks

If you’re visiting Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya, don’t miss your chance to explore one of these eco theme parks such as Xcaret and Xel-Ha. These sites offer a wide variety of activities that show off both natural beauty and cultural traditions. You can choose from swimming through underground rivers, snorkeling among colorful fish, ziplining over jungle landscapes or even venturing into ancient Mayan ruins for an educational experience all ages will enjoy!

Enjoy the unique opportunity to spend time amongst nature when you come out here - it’s sure to be unforgettable. So take full advantage during your visit to Playa del Carmen - trust us, it won’t disappoint!

Cenote Adventures

The Riviera Maya has a one-of-a-kind experience to offer: cenote adventures. These stunning caves and rivers embedded within the region’s geology provide an extraordinary setting for snorkeling, diving, and swimming in clear waters. When you’re visiting Playa del Carmen, don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities - explore some of its famous attractions such as Cenote Azul, Chaak Tun, Tajma Ha. Cristalino or Jardin del Eden or Rio Secreto & Gran Cenotes! With their beautiful formations creating a surreal atmosphere right here in the Caribbean coastlines – it’s definitely something that can’t be missed!


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For a stunning vacation experience, Playa del Carmen is the place to go. Offering an array of resorts and activities tailored for every type of traveler - from beachfront bliss and pet-friendly accommodations to family-friendly options or romantic escapes – this paradise destination has something for everyone! Plus, with its gorgeous beaches, engaging culture, and variety of attractions, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time while here in Playa del Carmen. So grab your bags and come explore all that this picturesque spot has waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playa del Carmen nicer than Cancun?

For those seeking a calmer holiday, Playa del Carmen is the perfect destination. Its more tranquil atmosphere stands in contrast to Cancun’s livelier vibes and provides an enjoyable escape from everyday life.


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What is the best time of year to visit Playa del Carmen?

Visiting Playa del Carmen is optimal in December to March when temperatures are mild, typically 70-80 Fahrenheit. During this period you’ll find a small number of people near the beach and lovely dry weather conditions. April to May tend to be slightly hotter with fewer visitors around the coastline of Del Carmen making it an equally attractive time for vacationing there.

Is Playa del Carmen worth going to?

Playa del Carmen is a paradise getaway worth experiencing - with its white sandy beaches, Mayan sites to explore and unique Caribbean-Mexican fare. It’s the perfect spot for an unforgettable holiday!

What types of resorts can I find in Playa del Carmen?

For travelers of all kinds, Playa del Carmen has a range of resorts to suit everyone. Whether you are looking for family-friendly amenities, an intimate experience with your partner or the best in luxury accommodations, this Mexican city is ready to provide it all. Plus there are also options available that include everything from pet care facilities right through to full package holidays where literally nothing else needs organizing! With such an extensive choice on offer in and around Playa del Carmen choosing just one resort could be hard work indeed!

Are there any eco theme parks near Playa del Carmen resorts?

Those visiting the resorts of Playa del Carmen will be able to enjoy a special experience thanks to eco theme parks like Xcaret and Xel-Ha. These locations offer an opportunity for people to explore the area’s unique flora and fauna as well as its ancient Mayan ruins. Visitors can look forward to too many exciting activities such as zip lining through dense jungles or snorkeling in cenotes, both while taking in breathtaking views from underground rivers!

How to get to Playa del Carmen

The faster and easiest way to get from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen is by hiring a private transportation service; we recommend you to pre-book your service to save up to 40%!

Find other transportation services from Cancun to Playa del Carmen.