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Complete Guide - Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret

Visit Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret with the help of this complete guide where you will find everything you need to make the most of this incredible experience.


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Complete Guide to Enjoy Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret

Xoximilco is a magical place with a festive atmosphere, music, and traditions that capture the imagination of every visitor, evoking memories of Mexico's golden age.

Climb aboard the colorful and luminous coaches, navigate through the most beautiful canals of Cancun, delight yourself with the incomparable sound of marimba and mariachi songs, a unique atmosphere full of joy and folklore, and be part of an unparalleled celebration of music and colors. In Xoximilco Cancun, you can toast with friends and live an authentic Mexican party.Xoximilco Xcaret Trajineras

This park is a place where past and present coexist among celebrations, friends, romance, nature, and the flavors that give character to this country. The famous trajineras, decorated with motifs of the 32 states of Mexico, allow you to live a unique moment in Xoximilco.


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What does Xoximilco Cancun include?

tourists in xoximilco cancun trajineras

Xcaret Parks are extremely important tourist attractions in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Visiting Xoximilco Cancun at Xcaret is definitely a unique experience where you can enjoy a place that pays homage to the original Xochimilco of Mexico City. Have fun experiencing Mexican culture, customs and traditions through dance, music, games and food.

At Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret you can:

Xoximilco Cancun Schedule

Xoximilco Cancun is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7 pm to 11:00 pm. These hours are subject to change due to official regulations.

Xoximilco Cancun Prices

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Prices for Xoximilco Cancun may vary depending on the season and the package selected. However, Xcaret + Xoximilco packages start from $222 USD. These prices may include discounts from 10% to 50% if you buy in advance.

*Children from 5 to 11 years old only pay half the adult price.


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Xoximilco Cancun Location

xoximilco cancun xcaret location

Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret is located at Chetumal Km. 282, Juarez, 77580 Puerto Morelos, Q.R. 

There are several alternatives to go from Cancun International Airport (CUN) or your hotel to Xoximilco Cancun, such as Private Transportation or a Cancun Car Rental.

Frequently Asked Questions about Xoximilco Cancun

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions for those planning to visit Xoximilco Cancun:

  1. If we purchase tickets separately, can we go on the same trajinera? 

Yes, even if you buy your tickets separately, you will only need to arrive at the ticket office at the same time with your reservations to be assigned to the same trajinera.

  1. What kind of food do you serve at Xoximilco Cancun? 

To whet your appetite, start with a famous botanero dish, which includes Oaxaca cheese, guacamole, huitlacoche, pico de Gallo, and grasshoppers. Later in the tour, some of the exquisite Mexican dishes you can enjoy are cochinita pibil, Tikin-xic fish, tamarind shrimp and mole.  

Finally, you can enjoy exquisite desserts such as sevillana, flan, amaranth, jamoncillo, cocada and more. You can also accompany these delicacies with a good cup of coffee sweetened with piloncillo.

  1. Is it possible to take the tour with children?

The minimum age to enter Xoximilco Cancun is 5 years old and under the supervision of an adult. The entertainers are in charge of doing an incredible job, including the little ones in the dynamics and games on board. Don't forget to ask for the children's menu when you board your trajinera. 

  1. Can I choose my trajinera and my host entertainer? 

It is not possible to choose the trajinera of your preference or the host on board. Both are randomly assigned before boarding, but you can be sure that you will have a fun experience every time.

  1. How far in advance do I have to book? 

The more time in advance, the better. Due to new security measures, we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance. Another advantage of booking early is that you can get discounts.

  1. How long does the Xoximilco Cancun tour last?

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and concludes at 11:00 pm. Check-in begins at 7:00 p.m. Therefore, we recommend you arrive early.

Recommendations before visiting Xoximilco Cancun

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Before visiting Xoximilco Cancun by Xcaret there are a series of recommendations that you should keep in mind:



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